“Spindrift” Sparkling Water

Blame it on Dyslexia Sorry, I’ve got another name for a half-gallon of flavored water that retails for $6 at Target (it actually comes in an 8-pack). How about, “Spendthrift?” I’m gonna guess that the marketing folks who came up with “spindrift” are all under 30 years old and/or don’t have kids. Then again, that’s probably their target...
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Heirloom Tomato Cracks: “Bug” or “Feature?”

Give credit to the vendor at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market this morning:  better to proactively address Buyers’ objections, than play defense reacting — assuming they get the chance. Of course, when it comes to food, “the proof is in the pudding,” as they say. I’m happy to report that the tomatoes were delicious! See also, “Low-Tech...
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New Real Estate Trend: Buyers’ Lenders Who Market to the LISTING AGENT (Huh!?!)

Savvy Strategy for Getting Realtor Referrals Smart Realtors know that the most important people coming through weekend open houses aren’t necessarily checking out the house. Rather, they’re checking out them. Specifically, the open house visitors — often neighbors — want to see if the agent is doing a good job marketing the home, is knowledgeable, easy to talk...
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Pet Peeves 2017: Media That Tell You “What You Need to [Read/See/Do] Now!”

“News You’ll Use?” Or, Useless News? Let’s make one thing clear:  unless you’re my doctor calling with test results, there’s NOTHING that “I Need to Know, RIGHT NOW!!”  🙂  Which is why I sure hope the mainstream media cools it when it comes to increasingly ubiquitous ads insistently telling viewers “what they need to [see/do/read]” ....
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Selling Home Warranties . . . to Whom Exactly?

Target Market:  Realtors “Get Met. It Pays.” –Advertising slogan of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. It turns out that companies selling home warranties — increasingly, a feature of many home sales — market their policies the same way other insurance companies do. Namely, by touting how many claims they pay. The difference is that the...
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From, “It’s Not What It Is,” to “It Is What It Isn’t”

Admittedly, It was easier to get my dyslexic head around the original version:  a New Yorker magazine cartoon showing one spouse catching the other “in the act,” as it were. The caption:  “Believe me, it’s not what it is.” Now, Bourbon distiller Maker’s Mark — or more accurately, their ad agency — has apparently decided...
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