February 20, 2019

“Spindrift” Sparkling Water

Blame it on Dyslexia Sorry, I’ve got another name for a half-gallon of flavored water that retails for $6 at Target (it actually comes in an 8-pack). How about, “Spendthrift?” I’m gonna guess that the marketing folks who came up with “spindrift” are all under 30 years old and/or don’t have kids. Then again, that’s probably their target...
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Home Buyer’s Final Walk-Through Inspection

Five-Step Checklist One of the last steps before closing ” in fact, sometimes done on the way to closing* ” is the Buyer’s walk-thru. To my mind, at least, the Buyer’s walk-thru has these five goals: One. Determine that there’s been no change in the home’s condition since the Inspection Contingency was removed. What can...
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Why the Neighbor’s House Usually Isn’t a Comp (“Comparable Sold Property”)

Comparing Honey Crisps to Braeburns One of the more quizzical looks Realtors get is when they (try to) explain to a prospective home Seller that their neighbor’s house isn’t a “Comp” (Comparable Sold Property). In plain English:  it isn’t relevant ” at least directly ” for pricing their home. For the uninitiated, a Comp is one of the...
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Why Realtors Call it “Carrying a Listing”

Financial, Psychological Toll OK, so there’s no actual weight or carrying involved (unlike furniture moving, which I once did). But, veteran Realtors know — and newbie’s will find out — that it’s burdensome to represent homes that linger on the market. While median-priced Twin Cities homes (now around $265k) are still selling (too?) quickly, the expected...
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