Days on Market: One (Two-Thirds of a Day??).** Number of Showings: 50+(!)

Just Listed: 2905 Princeton Ave. South in Fern Hill You might think a high(!) temperature today of 2° — never mind the windchill — would have a, umm . . . chilling effect on the Twin Cities housing market.🙂 Nope. As of late this afternoon, newly-listed 2905 Princeton Avenue South in St. Louis Park’s Fern...
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Did the Home Seller Leave Money on the Table?

Four Ways to Tell In the history of mankind, no first-time Mother has ever under-dressed their newborn in the winter.” —Manhattan Pediatrician So which pediatrician uttered the above line? Mine (and my wife’s). What prompted that comment were the 3 layers of clothing my wife had already put on our newborn son (a long time...
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Price Reductions: a First Chance to Make a Second Impression

When?  How Much? If an otherwise well-staged, well-marketed home isn’t selling after a reasonable interval on the market**, a price reduction is invariably indicated. How big? It all depends on how overpriced the home appears to be. Toss Out the CMA Once a home is actually on the market, interest from prospective Buyers ” or...
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Listing Agent to Prospective Buyers: “You May Want to Skip This House” (Huh?!?)

Hiding Highlighting Potential Dealbreakers OK, so the listing agent (representing the Seller) didn’t tell prospective Buyers that they may want to skip her client’s “For Sale” Edina home. She told Buyers’ agents. Specifically, the listing agent used an MLS section only visible to Realtors, “Agent Remarks,” to highlight a potential deal breaker: If your clients...
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Best Metric for Evaluating Realtors? “Average Number of Showings Per Listing”

Realtor Scorecard Yeah, yeah, there are dozens of metrics (quantitative benchmarks) for judging how good/effective Realtors are (Brokers, too). For most consumers (and not a few Realtors), however, there’s really only one number that counts: Yup, sales. No surprise, the agents who sell the most homes each year proudly trumpet that fact in their email,...
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Dear Home Seller: “Neither I Nor My Client Are Exhibiting Cold/Flu-Like Symptoms”

“The Home Showing Honor System” COVID-19: Due to nationwide concerns about COVID-19 and as a courtesy to home sellers, please do not schedule showings if the buyer’s agent or buyer exhibits cold/flu-like symptoms or meets any of the criteria for self-quarantine mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By proceeding with scheduling a showing,...
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