Minneapolis housing market

Discounting For a One-Car Garage: How Much?

Three Factors How much do you discount for a one-car garage? The short answer: “it depends.” Specifically, I think that the three most important variables are: One. What is the surrounding housing stock like? In close-in, older Minneapolis neighborhoods, many homes have one car garages (still). Detached, one car garages. When that’s the standard, the...
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Asterisk Clauses Make a Comeback

“After You” . . . “No, After You” . . . “No, After You” [Note to Readers: The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway, or any other entity referenced.  If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney.] Combine record-tight inventory in many Twin...
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Sizzling Housing Market Sign #27: “Dear Homeowner” Texts & Emails

Now, THAT’S What I Call Doing Your Legwork Hello, this is Stuart, a private home buyer interested in 42XX 18th Ave. South in Minneapolis. I can put together a buying agreement. Call me at a time that suits.” –Text on my cellphone (2/15/2021). What’s so unusual about the overture (above) that I received this morning?...
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-35º Below Windchill? Time for Ice Cream! (of course)

Why No One’s Rooting For FREE* Ice Cream Once upon a time, people in the Twin Cities knew that when the thermometer dived, ice cream at local favorite Sebastian Joe’s went on sale. So, when the thermometer dipped to -17º below last night, the corresponding discount would be a cool (sorry) 25%, per the chart above....
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The Most Stressed Member of the Seller’s Household

“I Can’t Get Covid — Can I??” As stressful as selling a home and moving to another is for people . . . it can be even more so for animals. Specifically, the family pet(s). The obvious reason: there’s no way to explain to them what’s happening (at least that I know). The cure? Extra...
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“Distressed Jeans”: Their Definition . . . and Mine

Or Maybe They Should be Called “Dismaying Jeans” Yeah, yeah, I know what fancy-schmancy retailers mean when they refer to “distressed jeans”: jeans whose various holes and patches somehow make them look chic ” and worth a huge mark-up (also referred to as “vintage clothing” in some quarters). My definition of “distressed jeans” is a...
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