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Taking Would-Be Sellers on a Tour of Competing Homes? Bad Idea

When Subjectivity Isn’t Just Superficial If the Comp’s aren’t convincing enough, Realtor “Jane Doe” will take Sellers on tours of comparable properties. “They can see this other house is in much better condition, and it’s priced $20,000 less than theirs. It’s eye-opening.” –Spokane agent, sharing her strategy for working with unrealistic Sellers in “Setting Them Straight”; Realtor Magazine. ...
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Realtor Networking: “Downtown Condo up to $800k” . . . “Anything With > 3,000 FSF by the Lakes” . . . “Emergency Election” (Huh?!?)

I Thought Realtors Weren’t Supposed to Bring Up Politics Realtors “network” (share in-person and electronically) a variety of things: upcoming listings, Buyer needs, price reductions, etc. They also canvass their colleagues for good, reliable contractors — especially if they need someone ASAP. Which explains this email in my in-box earlier today: In need of an...
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What Realtors Mean When They Say a Client is “Cooperative” (or not)

How Realtors Grade Clients Clients occasionally may have a select few words for their Realtors, but Realtors also have some favorite words for their clients. No, not “%!%#!” Rather, how “cooperative” they are. What do I mean by that? For Sellers, client cooperation boils down to these three things: 1. Pricing. A cooperative client picks...
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Price Reductions: a First Chance to Make a Second Impression

When?  How Much? If an otherwise well-staged, well-marketed home isn’t selling after a reasonable interval on the market**, a price reduction is invariably indicated. How big? It all depends on how overpriced the home appears to be. Toss Out the CMA Once a home is actually on the market, interest from prospective Buyers ” or...
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Rose-colored Glasses . . . or Magnifying Lens?

“For Sale” Home Languishing on the Market? It (Usually) Shows Realtors constantly warn their home-selling clients about the risks of overpricing (especially in a soft market). Anyone who doubts that should tour a few homes that have just listed, then view homes that have been languishing on the market, unsold, for months (years?). Study in...
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“Just Tell “Em to Make an Offer”: Why Buyers Don’t Write Offers on Overpriced Homes (at least in Minnesota)

How Motivated is the Seller Really? “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” —-Zen saying “When a listed home is priced right ” and well-prepped, photographed, marketed, etc. ” the Buyer will appear.” -—Ross Kaplan One of the most common lines listing agents (representing Sellers) hear from their clients ” particularly when their...
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