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“Wait a Second! Don’t Sellers Try to Get MORE for Their Home, Not Less?!?”

Multiple Offers and Appraisal Worries (Still) Alice in Wonderland would’ve loved today’s bizzaro housing market. That’s because — in the midst of an unprecedented Buyer feeding frenzy — “up” is often “down,” “in” is “out,” and “down” is “up.” Exhibit A: the Minnetonka home seller who reportedly countered a Buyer $20k below the price offered...
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Housing Market’s Waiting List: “The Backup Offer”

As expectant high school seniors (and their anxious parents) know all too well this time of year, colleges have waiting lists. But so, too, does residential real estate. They’re called “backup offers.” First in Line Such offers are increasingly popular in a screaming Seller’s market, for several reasons. For Sellers, a backup offer ensures that...
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“Watch This Space”: “Agent Remarks” in the Age of Multiple Offers

Overwhelmed Listing Agents Improvise to Communicate with Buyers’ Agents Once upon a time, the “Agent Remarks” field on MLS was used to supplement the marketing verbiage in the “Public Remarks” field.** That is, if it was used at all — listing agents (representing Sellers) often simply copied-and-pasted their Public Remarks into Agent Remarks. Now? Especially...
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“Multiple Offer” Multiple Choice: Can You Guess the Tiebreaker??

See if you can guess which of the following contractual terms reportedly clinched the sale for the winning bidder in a recent Twin Cities multiple offer battle: A. Purchase price was $10k higher. B. Closing date was flexible. C. They waived the Buyer’s home inspection. D. They assumed a $600 pending city assessment. Correct answer:...
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Psst! How the Home Buyer Can (Usually) Get the Extra Freezer in the Basement for Free

Cost to Move > Fair Market Value Once the Buyer and Seller have resolved any inspection issues — that is, assuming Buyer hasn’t waived their inspection, to prevail in multiple offers — it’s common for the two parties to discuss any personal property that the homeowner may want to sell. Like many negotiations, the party...
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Exactly How Hot is the The Twin Cities Housing Market Now? “It’s So Hot That . . .”

The “Can You Top THIS!?!” Spring 2021 Housing Market At least for now, the winner of the “Can You Believe How Crazy-Hot the Market Is!?!” contest is the Twin Cities home seller who reportedly sold their home a whopping 35 minutes(!) after it debuted on MLS. Under “Coming Soon.” Without a single showing.** And with...
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