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Paying Attention to What the Listing DOESN’T Say

MLS: “3rd Bedroom on Upper Level is Large & Has Lots of Storage” There’s certainly nothing wrong with an Upper Level Bedroom (pictured above) that’s large and has lots of storage. But, what’s notable — at least to me — is what’s omitted. Errors of (C)omission Namely, any mention of a Bathroom, or whether the...
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Real Estate Marketing 101: “Alcove” vs. “Studio” Apartment

Is an “alcove apartment” easier to rent than a “studio?” Apparently, at least one Twin Cities developer seems to think so. So far, the term only seems to be a feature of the rental market: out of almost 1,000 condo’s currently for sale on the local (NorthStar) MLS, only five use the term — and...
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“Watch This Space”: “Agent Remarks” in the Age of Multiple Offers

Overwhelmed Listing Agents Improvise to Communicate with Buyers’ Agents Once upon a time, the “Agent Remarks” field on MLS was used to supplement the marketing verbiage in the “Public Remarks” field.** That is, if it was used at all — listing agents (representing Sellers) often simply copied-and-pasted their Public Remarks into Agent Remarks. Now? Especially...
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Exactly How Hot is the The Twin Cities Housing Market Now? “It’s So Hot That . . .”

The “Can You Top THIS!?!” Spring 2021 Housing Market At least for now, the winner of the “Can You Believe How Crazy-Hot the Market Is!?!” contest is the Twin Cities home seller who reportedly sold their home a whopping 35 minutes(!) after it debuted on MLS. Under “Coming Soon.” Without a single showing.** And with...
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“A Bedroom Must Have a Closet to be Legal” — True or False?

Practice vs. Theory One of the biggest areas of confusion in residential real estate is, “exactly what constitutes a legal bedroom?” In particular, to be a legal Bedroom, does the room have to have a closet? The short answer: it depends on the local city’s code requirements (some require it, some don’t). MLS Guidance However,...
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Zillow Buys ShowingTime for $500 Million: What Does it Mean for Consumers?

  Collecting (Mining?) a Treasure Trove of Personal Data on Home Buyers and Sellers (and their Realtors)  [Note to Readers: The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway (“Berkshire”), or any other entity referenced. Edina Realty is a subsidiary of Berkshire.] To consumers and even...
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