May 3, 2021

Housing Market’s Waiting List: “The Backup Offer”

As expectant high school seniors (and their anxious parents) know all too well this time of year, colleges have waiting lists. But so, too, does residential real estate. They’re called “backup offers.” First in Line Such offers are increasingly popular in a screaming Seller’s market, for several reasons. For Sellers, a backup offer ensures that...
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Proper (& Improper) Purposes of Realtor Previews

Why “Just Previewing” (Usually) Serves Sellers’ Interests A Realtor showing is when a Realtor takes a prospective Buyer through a “For Sale” home. No competing Sunday open house traffic, no busybody listing agent (representing the owner) present, and — perhaps most importantly — no owner around. The convention is to set up the showing online anywhere from a...
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