November 15, 2020

Broken Clocks & Stock Market Predictions

  In the long run we are all dead.” –Economist John Maynard Keynes. With the Dow Jones Industrial Average** on the cusp of 30,000 — in the middle of a raging pandemic(!) and teetering economy, no less — it’s not long till prognosticators turn their sights to the next milestone. Most likely target: 36,000. Lest...
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What Realtors Mean When They Say a Client is “Cooperative” (or not)

How Realtors Grade Clients Clients occasionally may have a select few words for their Realtors, but Realtors also have some favorite words for their clients. No, not “%!%#!” Rather, how “cooperative” they are. What do I mean by that? For Sellers, client cooperation boils down to these three things: 1. Pricing. A cooperative client picks...
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