August 2, 2020

Rose-colored Glasses . . . or Magnifying Lens?

“For Sale” Home Languishing on the Market? It (Usually) Shows Realtors constantly warn their home-selling clients about the risks of overpricing (especially in a soft market). Anyone who doubts that should tour a few homes that have just listed, then view homes that have been languishing on the market, unsold, for months (years?). Study in...
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“Just Tell “Em to Make an Offer”: Why Buyers Don’t Write Offers on Overpriced Homes (at least in Minnesota)

How Motivated is the Seller Really? “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” —-Zen saying “When a listed home is priced right ” and well-prepped, photographed, marketed, etc. ” the Buyer will appear.” -—Ross Kaplan One of the most common lines listing agents (representing Sellers) hear from their clients ” particularly when their...
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