Blame it on Dyslexia

Sorry, I’ve got another name for a half-gallon of flavored water that retails for $6 at Target (it actually comes in an 8-pack).

How about, “Spendthrift?”

I’m gonna guess that the marketing folks who came up with “spindrift” are all under 30 years old and/or don’t have kids.

Then again, that’s probably their target market . . .

P.S.: Maybe they were trying to evoke “Driftless,” an area in southeastern Minnesota and southwestern Wisconsin that was skipped by the glaciers.

See also, “Hanukkah Honey?” What’s Hanukkah Honey?!?; “Two Below Honey”; “Cry Me a (River)?” No, “Cri-me-a . . . River”“; “Finding Peace in the Middle Seat”; “The Libyan Vacuum”; and “Treason Toys.”

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