Fall, 2020 Target Shopping List: Milk, Eggs, Loaf of Bread . . . & Tesla Charge

Long Way from “Tar-Zhay´” Not owning a Tesla, I have no idea how fast they (re)charge. But, based on at least one Target — the St. Louis Park store just east of Highway 100 — now having multiple Tesla charging stations (“Superchargers”) in its parking lot, I’m guessing that a 30-minute shop is long enough...
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“Spindrift” Sparkling Water

Blame it on Dyslexia Sorry, I’ve got another name for a half-gallon of flavored water that retails for $6 at Target (it actually comes in an 8-pack). How about, “Spendthrift?” I’m gonna guess that the marketing folks who came up with “spindrift” are all under 30 years old and/or don’t have kids. Then again, that’s probably their target...
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Minus 17° Below? Get Ready for Official Start of Twin Cities’ Spring Housing Market

“Retail Winter” vs. “Meteorological Winter” Scarcely one week after local wind chills of minus 50°(!) below — and with overnight temps of minus 17° below forecast this Friday night — you might think it a tad, umm . . . premature to herald the end of Winter in the Twin Cities. But, it’s most certainly...
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Slow Scanner: “Ahhh, So THAT’S What the Holdup Is!”

Smarter Printers Necessitate Better Security It turns out that it wasn’t just my imagination. About a month ago, what had ordinarily been a brief delay to scan and email documents suddenly became . . . much longer (in some cases, as long as 20 minutes). High Tech Swiss Army Knives The explanation? Today’s sophisticated, combination...
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New Advertising Venues: Highlights & Lowlights (or, Cheeky vs. Tasteless)

Target Turns Checkout Conveyor Belts Into Star Wars Ad In a world where there are now ads over men’s urinals (at many restaurants, movie theatres, etc.), you wouldn’t think that there’d be any new frontiers for new advertising venues.** Sadly, you’d be wrong. Inspired . .  . and Not At least Target’s new advertising medium has...
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Super Bowl Sunday’s OTHER Significance

To most Americans (and the world?), today is known as “Super Bowl Sunday.” To Twin Cities Realtors, though, it has another association. Namely, it’s the day preceding the official beginning of the Spring housing market (forecast local high tomorrow:  18 degrees . . . above).   🙂 P.S.:  My other official marker of the Spring...
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