September 20, 2020

Homelander in “The Boys”: a Superhero’s Super Powers — and Surprising Lack Thereof

  Superhero as Psychopath [Spoiler alert: this post divulges a sub-plot from Season One, Episode #4, “The Female of the Species.” Stop here if you don’t want to know.] As super powers go, you’d think safely landing a stricken passenger jet would be a cinch. Especially when the Superhero (“Supe”) in question — Homelander in...
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Fall, 2020 Target Shopping List: Milk, Eggs, Loaf of Bread . . . & Tesla Charge

Long Way from “Tar-Zhay´” Not owning a Tesla, I have no idea how fast they (re)charge. But, based on at least one Target — the St. Louis Park store just east of Highway 100 — now having multiple Tesla charging stations (“Superchargers”) in its parking lot, I’m guessing that a 30-minute shop is long enough...
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