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2020 Edina Realty Legends

Real estate sales is a field known for notoriously high turnover, and a brutal attrition rate: something like 90% of all new agents last less than two years. So, it really says something that nearly half of all Edina Realty agents and employees have been with the company for more than 10 years, qualifying them...
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Is There Anything That’s HARDER Said Than Done?

The Opposite of “Easier Said Than Done” Real estate sales is a field (like many other, I’m sure) where a lot of things are “easier said than done.” Get Sellers to price realistically? “Easier said than done.” Persuade homeowners to spend a relatively nominal amount on staging, that will help sell their home faster, for...
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The Real Estate Sales “Teeter-Totter”

The Harder It is To Sell Listings, the Easier They Are to Get — and Vice Versa “Energy cannot be created or destroyed.” –First Law of Thermodynamics. OK, so residential real estate isn’t governed by anything so fundamental as the three laws of thermodynamics in physics. But, it is characterized by a peculiar sort of...
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The Problem(s) With “Faking it Till You Make It”

“Fake it till you make it.” –aphorism Personally, I’ve never felt comfortable with “fake it till you make it” — on either side of a professional relationship. As a client (or patient!), who wants to hire someone who’s faking it? (however convincingly). Would you want your brain operated on by an inexperienced surgeon? How about fly...
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The Fatal Flaw in Almost All Sales “How To” Books

Beware “One Size Fits All” Approaches Leave it to one sales book — in this case, “Ninja Selling” by Larry Kendall — to point out the fatal flaw in almost all other Sales “how to” books. According to Kendall: “Many sales books and training programs have been developed by top salespeople who share the techniques...
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How Realtors Make Their Office Manager Happy

How Good a Month Will April, 2016 Be? How do you make your Office Manager happy? Turn in a couple nice sales in a month. How do you make them very happy? Turn in a couple nice sales at the end of the month, when all the offices are scrambling to meet (and ideally exceed) their...
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