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Taking Would-Be Sellers on a Tour of Competing Homes? Bad Idea

When Subjectivity Isn’t Just Superficial If the Comp’s aren’t convincing enough, Realtor “Jane Doe” will take Sellers on tours of comparable properties. “They can see this other house is in much better condition, and it’s priced $20,000 less than theirs. It’s eye-opening.” –Spokane agent, sharing her strategy for working with unrealistic Sellers in “Setting Them Straight”; Realtor Magazine. ...
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Pressure Clients to Buy or Sell? Never! (Here’s Why)

The Virtue of a Well-Stocked Pipeline We will sell no wine before its time.” –Ad campaign for Paul Masson wine. [Note to Readers: The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire Hathaway (“Berkshire”), or any other entity referenced. Edina Realty is a subsidiary of Berkshire.] If...
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“Just Tell “Em to Make an Offer”: Why Buyers Don’t Write Offers on Overpriced Homes (at least in Minnesota)

How Motivated is the Seller Really? “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” —-Zen saying “When a listed home is priced right ” and well-prepped, photographed, marketed, etc. ” the Buyer will appear.” -—Ross Kaplan One of the most common lines listing agents (representing Sellers) hear from their clients ” particularly when their...
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“Will Consider All Offers,” Translated

Stealth Price Cut What does it mean when a listing agent puts out the word ” on MLS or just verbally ” that their Seller “will consider all offers?” (sometimes qualified with “all reasonable offers”). Here is a rough translation: 1) the Seller knows that the current asking price is too high; 2) but, for...
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Prospective Home Sellers Who Get a 2nd Opinion ” and a 5th, 6th & 7th

Looking For a Realtor?  Or (Lots & Lots of) Compliments? I heard about a prospective home Seller the other day who interviewed seven (!) Realtors to list their home (I wasn’t one of them). To be sure, the home was a multi-million dollar estate on Lake Minnetonka, but still ” seven Realtors?? I’m sure that...
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Black Friday for Home Buyers, Too: Anatomy of a Late Fall Housing Bargain

Sniffing Out Motivated Home Sellers; 4 Clues ” & a Red Herring Black Friday isn’t just when retailers offer their best deals of the year. Historically, it’s also the time of year when home Buyers can score deep discounts (at least in the Twin Cities; I don’t know about milder markets like Phoenix or Miami)....
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