July 24, 2020

“Will Consider All Offers,” Translated

Stealth Price Cut What does it mean when a listing agent puts out the word ” on MLS or just verbally ” that their Seller “will consider all offers?” (sometimes qualified with “all reasonable offers”). Here is a rough translation: 1) the Seller knows that the current asking price is too high; 2) but, for...
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Same Block, Same Price. But, Are They Competitors??

Different Homes, Different Buyers It may seem counter-intuitive, but just because two “For Sale” homes share the same block and are listed for the same price, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re direct competitors. In fact, I can think of at least two scenarios where there’s virtually no overlap in the pool of prospective Buyers considering both...
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Realtor Job Description 2020

Getting You More Money For Your Home & More Home For Your Money A great football coach can take his’n and beat your’n, and then he can turn around and take your’n and beat his’n.” —Long-time football coach Bum Phillips (my paraphrase). Entering my 19th(!) year selling homes, I think I finally have come up...
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Voila! No More Scary Basement!

Whitewash One of the best ways I know to render a scary basement . . . less so, is to paint it (white, obviously). The floors, the ceiling, the posts and beams ” everything. Not only is the space more appealing, it invariably feels bigger and lighter, too! P.S.: Tip #2 ” adding a couple...
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