November 29, 2019

“What’s the Difference Between a “Breeze’ and a “Draft?'”

Answer: “About 50°” In the middle of August, on an especially humid day, a nice breeze ” if necessary, generated by a ceiling fan ” is especially welcome. Fast forward six months (or three, if you live in Minnesota), when local temps are 40º to 60º(!) cooler. That same breeze is now officially a “draft”...
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Black Friday for Home Buyers, Too: Anatomy of a Late Fall Housing Bargain

Sniffing Out Motivated Home Sellers; 4 Clues ” & a Red Herring Black Friday isn’t just when retailers offer their best deals of the year. Historically, it’s also the time of year when home Buyers can score deep discounts (at least in the Twin Cities; I don’t know about milder markets like Phoenix or Miami)....
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