St. Paul

Seth Meyers Comes to the Twin Cities (Make That, Minneapolis)

Naming Twins: Do’s & Don’t’s Seth Meyers’ just-released stand-up special on Netflix, “Lobby Baby”, was actually shot in town last June. But Meyers’ dig on Minneapolis’ not-so-identical older twin across the river, St. Paul, is still timely: “With twins, it’s very important to pay attention to each of them equally, or else one of them...
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High School Put-Down’s (Once Upon a Time): “Door Knob,” “Numb Nuts,” “Meat Cone” (“Meat Cone?!?”)

Two Kinds, “Mild” and “Spicy” “Meat cone” sounds like something you might overhear in a high school hallway or boys’ locker room — and it wouldn’t be a compliment. So, I’m not sure I love that as a snack name — in this case, at K’nack’s food stall, located inside the Keg and Case Food...
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Favorite Twin Cities “Straddle” Neighborhoods

Best Ideas:  Bryn Mawr, Longfellow, Saint Anthony Park, Brookside “East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” –Rudyard Kipling “North is North and South is South, and never the twain shall meet.” –corollary, Ross Kaplan As a Twin Cities Buyer’s agent, when you’re working with a client whose job is...
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Fire at Cossetta’s? No, Firemen

Parking Perk, or, “No Cause For Alarm” Firemen have to eat lunch, too. So, what initially looked like cause for alarm — a big, St. Paul hook-and-ladder fire truck parked in front of Cossettta’s the other day — was quickly explained by the time of day (12:30 p.m) and lack of commotion (sirens, alarms, etc.). Sure enough,...
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“Wait a Second! Don’t Additions Usually Go in the BACK?!?”

The explanation for this rather strange-looking construction project? (located across the street from Minikhada Vista Park in St. Louis Park). That’s not an addition — it’s a set of all-new front steps. The heated, enclosed area allowed the contractor, Jeremy’s Concrete from St. Cloud, to work long past the usual cut-off for such outside work...
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Seeing “Brooklyn’s” Everywhere

Overshadowed Sibling(s) No More You know a place is becoming (too) trendy when it becomes a cultural shorthand for hot locales threatening to eclipse their bigger, better-known neighbors. So, at least according to some accounts, Oakland is now the “Brooklyn of the Bay Area.”  See, “Oakland:  Brooklyn by the Bay.” Similarly, places like Westhampton and...
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