High School Put-Down’s (Once Upon a Time): “Door Knob,” “Numb Nuts,” “Meat Cone” (“Meat Cone?!?”)

Two Kinds, “Mild” and “Spicy”

“Meat cone” sounds like something you might overhear in a high school hallway or boys’ locker room — and it wouldn’t be a compliment.

So, I’m not sure I love that as a snack name — in this case, at K’nack’s food stall, located inside the Keg and Case Food Court in St. Paul.

But, it does have the virtue of being descriptive.

Ultimately what dissuaded me wasn’t the name, but my appetite: I got a $1.50 beef stick instead (very good!) earlier today instead of the $6 meat cone (two choices, per photo above).

P.S.: At least a couple decades ago, the preferred insult was “meathead” — what Archie Bunker called his son-in-law, once upon a time . . .

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