November 7, 2019

Seth Meyers Comes to the Twin Cities (Make That, Minneapolis)

Naming Twins: Do’s & Don’t’s Seth Meyers’ just-released stand-up special on Netflix, “Lobby Baby”, was actually shot in town last June. But Meyers’ dig on Minneapolis’ not-so-identical older twin across the river, St. Paul, is still timely: “With twins, it’s very important to pay attention to each of them equally, or else one of them...
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Talking Sellers Out of a Price Reduction (Wait . . . What?!?)

Three Scenarios Wait a second ” when an otherwise well-prepped and marketed home isn’t selling, don’t listing agents try to get home sellers to reduce their price? And don’t most home sellers stubbornly resist, no matter how compelling the Realtor’s market data (or underwhelming Buyers’ interest)? Well . . . usually. But there are exceptions...
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Who Blows Out the Home Sprinkler System, Buyer or Seller?

Home Maintenance “To Do” List, Late Fall Edition** At least from my perspective as a Realtor, less important than who takes responsibility for blowing out (winterizing) the sprinkler system in the Fall, is that someone does it. If not, the system can rupture due to freezing, causing both extensive flooding and expensive pipe repair. Common...
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