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“For Sale” Homes That Forego a “For Sale” Sign

When it Makes Sense to “Quietly” Market a Home “Don’t be a secret agent.” –Advice to newbie Realtors. “If you’re going to put your home on the market . . . let the world know.” –Corollary, Ross Kaplan Looking for the four most expensive “For Sale” homes in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood right...
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“Cut to the Chase” Real Estate Marketing

Where:  near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. When:  Labor Day Weekend, 2017. What:  under construction townhome. How much:  no idea. You’ve got to hand it to the listing agent for this Philadelphia townhome:  their sign “made ‘ya look.” While there’s obviously more to real estate sales than that . . . it’s a good start!
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The RE Biz & "Inferior Goods"

McDonald’s, iTunes — and Real Estate Signs In economics, the term “inferior goods” means anything that you consume more of as you have less money. Historically, foods like hamburger (vs. steak), potato’s, rice and the like qualified; today, that would be fast-food chains like McDonald’s, and all the Dollar store chains that appear to be...
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Real Estate Signage: Less is More

Resisting the Urge to “Over Stuff” I think an effective real estate sign is like a headline: it should be bold, focused — and communicate one thing, well. Instead, what I’m increasingly seeing are real estate signs that pack in ever more info. Like the agent’s Web site, email address, cell phone, broker info —...
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"Not in My Front Yard" ("NIMFY")

Real Estate Signs — the “Analog” Kind (vs. Symbolic) Sign, Sign everywhere a signBlocking out the scenery breaking my mindDo this, don’t do that can’t you read the sign –Lyrics, “Signs” Nobody likes real estate signs — until they want to sell their home! Then, if not your best friend, they’re at least a necessary...
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