March 9, 2010

Sprint vs. Verizon

Great Customer Service — Not So, after a month of research (“Smart Phone Overload“), I finally picked a carrier (Sprint) and a model (Samsung Moment, pictured above). While there were many factors, including the proximity of the Sprint store to my office; varying corporate discounts; competing monthly plans and features, etc., the clincher was my...
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"The C.O.D. Society?"

In G.O.D. (“Gold on Delivery”) We Trust What happens in a tough economy where more people are paying their bills late (and some, not at all)? Creditors start insisting on being paid upfront. I don’t know about other fields, but for Realtors, “C.O.D.” seems to be the order of the day — and has been...
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"Not in My Front Yard" ("NIMFY")

Real Estate Signs — the “Analog” Kind (vs. Symbolic) Sign, Sign everywhere a signBlocking out the scenery breaking my mindDo this, don’t do that can’t you read the sign –Lyrics, “Signs” Nobody likes real estate signs — until they want to sell their home! Then, if not your best friend, they’re at least a necessary...
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