October 1, 2017

“For Sale” Homes That Forego a “For Sale” Sign

When it Makes Sense to “Quietly” Market a Home “Don’t be a secret agent.” –Advice to newbie Realtors. “If you’re going to put your home on the market . . . let the world know.” –Corollary, Ross Kaplan Looking for the four most expensive “For Sale” homes in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood right...
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Return of the Neighborhood Realtor

Stuck in Place I wouldn’t say we’re there yet, but . . . if Twin Cities traffic congestion continues to worsen, I see some side effects for the local housing market, and in particular, successful area Realtors who want to stay that way. Namely, it will (once again) be smart — and more lucrative — to...
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“A Bedroom Must Have a Closet to be Legal” — True or False?

Practice vs. Theory One of the biggest areas of confusion in residential real estate is, “exactly what constitutes a legal bedroom?” In particular, to be a legal Bedroom, does the room have to have a closet? The short answer:  it depends on the local city’s code requirements (some require it, some don’t). MLS Guidance However,...
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