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The Ultimate Way For Realtors on Vacation to Disconnect

Now, THAT’S Going Cold Turkey! Speaking from experience, it’s almost impossible to completely disconnect from work the couple of times a year I take a genuine break. Somehow, the resolve to only check emails once or twice a day erodes, or, some unanticipated issue with a file pops up that requires my (hopefully) brief attention. Which is why...
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“Dear Valuable Customer: Congratulations on Your One Year Anniversary. Here’s 7 Cents!”

Thanks for (Almost) Nothing No, that’s not actually what the email from my cell phone carrier (rhymes with “Schmerizon”) said earlier this week. That would be this: “It’s time to celebrate!  Thank you for another year. In honor of your account anniversary, we’ve added 2,000 Smart Rewards points to your balance. Now, that’s a sweet...
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What a Realtor Statue Would Look Like*

“I’ll Be Done in Just Another Minute” The 2013 winner of Edina Realty’s “Emmy” award (honoring founder Emma Rovick) was announced yesterday at the company’s annual meeting in St. Paul. The recipient:  Rachel Van Den Boom, manager of Edina Realty’s Northfield and New Prague offices. In her remarks, Vanden Boom shared her proposed image for a...
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Crazy New Yorker? Maybe Not

One Less “Crazy Cue” Here’s a shorthand for whether the kind-of-crazy looking New Yorker, talking to themselves, is really crazy — or just talking on their (blue tooth-enabled) cell:  in the subway, they’re definitely crazy.  Above ground . . . the odds are that they aren’t. —City Lakes Real Estate Blog (Aug. 7, 2010) Looks...
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Bad Behavior Uptown

“Don’t Mind Me”I really don’t care if you talk on your cell phone within my earshot in public (trust me, you’re not that interesting). And I don’t necessarily lose it when you dawdle using the ATM while I’m standing behind you. But — and here’s the part that seems self-evident — if you’re going to...
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