One Less “Crazy Cue”

Here’s a shorthand for whether the kind-of-crazy looking New Yorker, talking to themselves, is really crazy — or just talking on their (blue tooth-enabled) cell:  in the subway, they’re definitely crazy.  Above ground . . . the odds are that they aren’t.

City Lakes Real Estate Blog (Aug. 7, 2010)

Looks like I have to amend the foregoing guidance, in light of the following development:

Four underground stations in Manhattan will come alive on Tuesday with an amenity that has long eluded the city’s subterranean realm: cellphone service, loud and mostly clear. In a landmark trial, New York City Transit will unveil a fiber-optic network that could be expanded to every underground platform by 2016.

–“Wired Platforms at Last.  Oh No, the Boss is Calling!”; The New York Times (9/26/2011)

Of course, there’s no law that says you can’t be talking on a cell phone (for real) and also be crazy . . .

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