September 26, 2011

“Meticulously Maintained” — Deciphered

Real Estate Synonyms — and Antonyms Test your knowledge of real estate marketing and answer the following “True or False” question: “Meticulously maintained” means the same thing as “updated”: A.  True B. False Answer:  False In fact, “meticulously maintained” is almost always Realtor code for not updated. P.S. :  Ditto for synonyms such as “well-loved,”...
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“Very Near New Roof” — excerpt, MLS

That doesn’t mean that it’s on top of the neighbor’s house, does it? (Sorry, not enough sleep last night and I’m a little punchy — does it show??).
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“The Right Things Wrong”

Does it “Just Need Cosmetics?” How do you know when you’ve found a home that’s a good candidate for rehab/remodeling? In the words of one of my favorite contractors, Phil Raskin, “it has the right things wrong.” Definition:  the home has good bones and a nice floor plan, but discrete, correctable problems. Black, White —...
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Prediction: Respite (Relief) Rally

Regular readers know that I don’t make market predictions — stocks or housing. However . . . given the carnage last week on Wall Street, you’d certainly except a “respite rally” sometime soon (also called a “bounce” — or, depending on the overall environment and what happens next, a “dead cat bounce”). In the meantime,...
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Crazy New Yorker? Maybe Not

One Less “Crazy Cue” Here’s a shorthand for whether the kind-of-crazy looking New Yorker, talking to themselves, is really crazy — or just talking on their (blue tooth-enabled) cell:  in the subway, they’re definitely crazy.  Above ground . . . the odds are that they aren’t. —City Lakes Real Estate Blog (Aug. 7, 2010) Looks...
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