September 29, 2010

Bad Behavior Uptown

“Don’t Mind Me”I really don’t care if you talk on your cell phone within my earshot in public (trust me, you’re not that interesting). And I don’t necessarily lose it when you dawdle using the ATM while I’m standing behind you. But — and here’s the part that seems self-evident — if you’re going to...
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Price – Terms = Price

The Factor in Selling a Home Today If you have a choice between price and terms . . pick terms. –famous real estate line Once upon a time, when mortgage rates were in the stratosphere, “terms” — specifically, financing terms, if the Seller was providing it — were everything in real estate deals. Fast forward...
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Oliver Stone’s Last Movie

Review, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” I went to see Oliver Stone’s last film the other night. And by that, I don’t mean his most recent film — I literally mean, the last film he is likely to make (at least with a big studio budget, at least for a long while). That’s because it...
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New Linden Hills Co-Op

In a Word: ‘More’ Want a one word summary for the new Linden Hills Co-op that just opened near 44th and France, about six blocks west of the old location? “More.” As in, more floor space (I’d guess at least double); more parking; more deli space and prepared foods; more eat-in dining tables for enjoying...
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Making Good Use of the Metrodome

“Grapefruit League North” Anyone know what’s going on with/at the Metrodome? Except for Vikings games every other Sunday in the Fall — plus the occasional “Monster Jam,” pictured above — my impression is that it’s idle. I also seem to recall something about taxpayers forking out most of the cost, once upon a time (like,...
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