“Identitarian Demagogy and Policy Heterodoxy” (Huh?!?)

Here’s some unsolicited advice for Democrats and their supporters:  if you want to win the midterms next week (never mind the White House in 2020), figure out how to make an emotional — not intellectual — connection with voters. Think, more Teddy Roosevelt, less Adlai Stevenson. In a nutshell, that was my reaction to Ross...
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Why Realtors Are All the Same Religion: Agnostic

Did you know that good Realtors are all the same religion? No, not Catholic or Jewish or Muslim. They’re agnostic . . . about neighborhoods (what did you think I meant, God??). Diff’rent Strokes for Diff’rent Folks There are a handful of Realtors who live and exclusively sell in just one Twin Cities neighborhood. Like...
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How to Stop ISIS Beheadings of Western Captives

Shameful, Self-Interested News Networks Here’s a not-so-crazy thought: Want to deter ISIS from beheading Westerners? In addition to degrading ISIS through military action, as the Administration now vows to do . . . STOP MAKING ISIS BEHEADINGS THE LEAD NEWS STORY EVERY TIME IT HAPPENS!! Rewarding Terrorism; Attention = Oxygen Each time such an atrocity leads...
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The Many Guises of “Hot Dog”

Fast Friends at Lake Calhoun About a zillion years ago at The Punchline nightclub in San Francisco, I heard a hilarious bit by (a then unknown) Rob Schneider recounting the various usages of the word “Dude.” As in . . . #1. Greeting (“Dude!”); #2. Approval (“Du-u-u-de!”, upbeat); #3. Disapproval (“d-u-d-e,” in a low tone); #4. Warily,...
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Tech Support . . . from 6,200 Miles Away!

Modern Magic “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” –Clarke’s Third Law OK, so it’s not India —  Israel’s only 6,200 miles away from Minnesota, not 8,000. But, that’s where my 14 year-old son was this morning when he diagnosed and fixed my Internet connection problem (we were communicating via FaceTime, and I held up the camera...
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Internet Acronyms: “LOL,” “BFF” . . . “T/T”

Internet Shorthand for MM (“Middle-Aged Men”) What rule says only teenage girls (or boys) can coin Internet acronyms? See, “LOL”* (“laugh out loud”); “IMHO (“in my humble opinion”), etc. In fact, I’ve got two new, proposed acronyms: One.  “WIAS”:  for “Where Is, As Is” — business and Realtor-speak for, “don’t even think about raising inspection...
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