September 13, 2014

How to Stop ISIS Beheadings of Western Captives

Shameful, Self-Interested News Networks Here’s a not-so-crazy thought: Want to deter ISIS from beheading Westerners? In addition to degrading ISIS through military action, as the Administration now vows to do . . . STOP MAKING ISIS BEHEADINGS THE LEAD NEWS STORY EVERY TIME IT HAPPENS!! Rewarding Terrorism; Attention = Oxygen Each time such an atrocity leads...
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Will Air Fares Follow Gas Prices Lower?

Rolling Back Big Increases (Or Not) Starting last winter, air fares started climbing precipitously due in part to rising gas prices. Now that gas prices have fallen 20% or more, I’m sure consumers can look forward to airlines passing along the savings in the former of lower fares. Yeah, right . . .
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Up-and-Coming Minneapolis Neighborhoods: Kingfield North

“Eat Street South” The stretch of Nicollet Avenue north of Lake Street — between Franklin & 29th Street — gets more acclaim as a food destination. But, its counterpart on the south side of Lake Street is the real surprise. Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker Coffee Shops The intersection at 38th & Nicollet now has...
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