Michael Lewis’ Growing List of Enemies

“Flash Boys” Fallout:  The Various Shades of Red Michael Lewis’ list of enemies — many inspired by his new book, “Flash Boys” — just got longer. That’s because of the stock market fallout in the wake of Lewis’ book, out last week, which peeled back the curtain on how high frequency trading (“HFT”) really works,...
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Hot Ticket on a Cold Night: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

Demand and (Very Limited) Supply Is Wes Anderson’s latest movie, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” as good as the reviews say? I don’t know:  it was sold out last night at the one Twin Cities theatre showing it (“Uptown” located . . . you know where). Given the off-night and bitter cold (at least for mid-March),...
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Laid Low By Alleys & Driveways

Stuck! Something like 357 days a year, I feel like an idiot driving a burly, 4-wheel drive that gets abysmal gas mileage (tax-deductible or not). Then there are days like today. With numerous cars off the road (or marooned in home garages), mine is chewing through the fresh 10″ of snow like it was cotton...
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When Being Close Counts: Horseshoes . . . Hand Grenades . . . Ranked Choice Voting(?!?)

Minneapolis Mayoral Race 2013 As the saying goes, “close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and slow dancing.” To those three, now add a fourth:  so-called “ranked choice voting” — also known as “instant run-off voting” — which is how Minneapolis will select its next Mayor this Tuesday. I happen to be a HUGE proponent...
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Gas Price Wars Make a Comeback (Sort of)

Blast From the Past I’m old enough to remember not just when gas stations had actual, live attendants — but when gas was truly cheap, and competition for customers was such that gas stations on opposite corners would engage in price wars. Yes, price wars. At the extreme, you’d even see the stations’ signs attempt to lure...
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“Hey! Is That a UFO in the Neighbor’s Backyard?!?”

How Much Do You Discount for THAT?? I got a chuckle looking at the backyard photo (above) for this new list in St. Louis Park’s “first alphabet” neighborhood — better known as Fern Hill. If you look closely, you’ll see a shiny, silvery object looming above the fence in the center left of the photo. The explanation? The...
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