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Housing Market’s Slowest Week of the Year? Not for Photographers

Suddenly Unfashionable on MLS: Fall (Brown) Photos Thanks(?) to a just-in-time blizzard, the Twin Cities enjoyed a white Christmas this year. What’s next? For most local Realtors the next week or so,** not much: the interval between Christmas and New Year’s is reliably one of the slowest of the year. So, who’s busy now (or...
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Broken Clocks and (Some) “For Sale” Home Photos

April 12, 2020: Record Easter Snowfall in Twin Cities Thanks to a record 4″ (and still falling) snow today, area “For Sale” homes that had embarrassingly unseasonal exterior photos . . . suddenly don’t. But here’s an educated guess: even when warmer weather returns — 60’s are forecast here next week — the (literally) frozen-in-time...
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Out-of-Season Photos on MLS

Guilt By Association When agents see a listing ” in mid-January, in Minnesota ” with leafy trees and a bright, green lawn, their knee-jerk response isn’t to say to themselves, “My, what gorgeous landscaping.” It’s to click on “History” on MLS to see how long the home’s been on the market ” and find out how many...
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Realtor Selling Secrets — Listing Agent Edition

“To Update Exterior Photos Now or Not” — That is the (Listing Agent) Question I’ve previously shared the only slightly tongue-in-cheek secret for a Buyer’s agent to get a balky client to actually buy: have a plane to catch immediately after showing the client a series of homes. See, “Want Prospective Home Buyers to Buy?...
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Suddenly Unseasonal Home Photos on MLS

Official Beginning of Winter 2017-2018 in Twin Cities: Yesterday! (Dec. 5) “Welcome to Stanford! Last year, 95% of you were in the top 5% of your class.  Today, 95% of you are in the bottom 95% of your class.” –Stanford Dean of Admissions Fred Hargadon, to each year’s entering freshman class (including mine a long time...
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Realtor Buying & Selling Tricks

Keeping the Listing Fresh** As a Buyer’s agent, I know an (almost) surefire way to get recalcitrant clients to buy:  head to the airport.  See, “Want Buyers to Buy? Head to the Airport.” What’s the equivalent for listing agents (representing Sellers)? Update the home’s photos (a necessity in Minnesota’s fast-changing, extreme climate). Keeping Up the (Sales) Pressure...
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