“The Right House at the Wrong Time = the Wrong House”

Letting Buyers — and Sellers — Off the Hook What do you do as a Buyer if you really like the first (or second) house you see, only to be told a couple hours after you went through that it’s in multiple offers, and that you have until 8 p.m. that night to make an offer? Scenario #2: you...
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Pilot Humor: Timing is Everything

Expertly Landing the Plane (and Joke) A flight I was on recently had an especially bumpy approach and landing, due to high cross-winds. Immediately after touching down, the pilot got a big — and well-deserved — laugh of relief from the passengers, with just one word over the public address system: “Whoa!” Ten minutes earlier, I think...
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The Opposite of “Never Asking a Barber If You Need a Haircut”

Getting an Older Home — and Homeowner — Ready for Market What’s the opposite of “never asking a barber if you need a haircut?” When the barber says you can wait a couple more weeks . . . you probably can. Or the real estate equivalent:  When a commission-based (and closing-driven) Realtor advises a client...
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“Earnest Money Due After Inspection Contingency Removed”

When the (Earnest Money) Check ISN’T in the Mail Normally, the Buyer’s earnest money check is due as soon as the Buyer and Seller have entered into a valid Purchase Agreement. However, I just handled a deal where the Buyer’s offer stipulated that the earnest money wasn’t due until after the Inspection Contingency had been...
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Early Birds and Home Builders

When is the Best Time to List a Tear-Down? Conventional wisdom (which I happen to agree with) is that early Spring is the best time for Sellers to list their home. Is there a best time to list a home that’s destined to be a tear-down? I’d argue that it’s also . . early Spring....
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How Home Builders Get Realtors’ Attention

But Watch Out For That Clawback Provision If you want to get the attention of Buyers’ agents, offer to pay them more. Or faster. That’s the strategy of at least one local (Golden Valley) builder, whose yet-to-be built new construction homes are listed on MLS now, but won’t be ready for occupancy until closer to...
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