August 29, 2019

What Realtors REALLY Do (According to Colin Quinn)

“For Sale” Signs vs. “NOT For Sale” Signs I’ve got my own definition of what Realtors do. See, “Realtor Job Description 2019.” But, I’m mostly OK** with the one offered by standup comedian (and social critic) Colin Quinn, in his Netflix special “Red State Blue State”: “That was the genius of the Founding Fathers: they...
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Labor Day Weekend Traffic

Quality > Quantity The (Realtor) conventional wisdom about showing activity on holiday weekends, like the one coming up? That it’s a microcosm of the slower, Thanksgiving-to-New Year’s period. Namely, while there is a noticeable drop in traffic, the Buyers out there tend to be more serious and motivated. Call it “quality over quantity.” Practically, with...
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The Single Best Negotiating Strategy For Home Buyers

Caution:  Only Use if True Want to know the single most compelling pitch a Buyer can make to a prospective home Seller, especially if negotiations are at an impasse? This one: “I’d love to buy your home for $___ .  If that’s acceptable, please let me know by [time].  Otherwise, I plan to make an...
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“The Right House at the Wrong Time = the Wrong House”

Letting Buyers — and Sellers — Off the Hook What do you do as a Buyer if you really like the first (or second) house you see, only to be told a couple hours after you went through that it’s in multiple offers, and that you have until 8 p.m. that night to make an offer? Scenario #2: you...
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