showing feedback form

Whose Showing Feedback: the Buyer’s — or the Buyer’s Agent??

Realtors Who Like the Home More Than Their Client Amongst the (many) problems with showing feedback forms — what Buyers’ agents are immediately bombarded with after showing a “For Sale” home — is that the form is really asking for two different things, from two different people. Question #1:  “did the Buyer have any interest...
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Realtor Shorthand for, “Let Me Know if it’s About to Sell”

Strategic Use of Showing Feedback Forms It can be a conundrum for both Buyers’ agents and listing agents (representing Sellers):  a new-to-market property in a hot neighborhood looks like it’s going to sell quickly, and everyone wants to know what’s going on. Without overplaying their hand. As a listing agent, it’s presumptuous to call an...
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Complete Showing Feedback Form, Get Miles??

Incentives for Buyers’ Agents “Agents – Complete this feedback in total and Earn Points Towards a Vacation Travel Incentive.” –Showing Feedback Form Savvy shoppers can get miles (points) when they shop, fly, fill their gas tank, etc. So, why not offer Buyers’ agents an incentive to fill out showing feedback forms? Great idea! Missing from...
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“Customized” Buyer Feedback Forms

Generic Answer:  ‘It’s None of Your Business!’ First, a confession:  when I’m swamped — as I am now — promptly turning around listing agents’ “showing feedback forms” is not my highest priority. Taking care of clients is. That said, “customized” feedback forms which pose open-ended questions — and lots of them — certainly don’t help matters...
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Realtor Consolation — and Booby — Prizes

Winning the  . . . Bronze Not every Buyer buys, nor does every Seller sell. Surprise, surprise. Circumstances can change, markets can change, priorities can change — and, let’s face it, so can people’s minds (all fine, as long as they haven’t signed a Purchase Agreement!). Consolation Prize:  Referrals When that happens, the Realtor may...
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