August 12, 2012

Complete Showing Feedback Form, Get Miles??

Incentives for Buyers’ Agents “Agents – Complete this feedback in total and Earn Points Towards a Vacation Travel Incentive.” –Showing Feedback Form Savvy shoppers can get miles (points) when they shop, fly, fill their gas tank, etc. So, why not offer Buyers’ agents an incentive to fill out showing feedback forms? Great idea! Missing from...
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Running for President (& Running & Running)

Why People (OK, Me) Don’t Respect Today’s Politicians If you want instant analysis of Paul Ryan’s selection as Mitt Romney’s running mate . . . believe me, you’ve got lots of (other) blogs to turn to. I’ll limit myself to this parting shot: Unless Mitt Romney is elected and subsequently serves two full terms, the...
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Star Trib: ‘Home Builders Are More Busy’

That’s One Way to Put It  “Home builders are more busy, but mostly in more-established suburbs where lots are scarce.” –“Squeezing into the Suburbs“; Star Tribune (8/11/2012) What’s another (way to put it)? “Home builders are busier.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  But, hey!  They’re the professional journalists — not me!
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