April 26, 2012

From $84.490 MILLION to $844,900

That’s One Helluva Price Reduction $83 million-plus price reductions — at least in the Twin Cities — do tend to catch your eye. The obvious explanation in this case (for a condo in the former Whitney Hotel along the Mississippi)? Data entry error.  The correct — and MUCH lower asking price — popped up on MLS about...
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“Customized” Buyer Feedback Forms

Generic Answer:  ‘It’s None of Your Business!’ First, a confession:  when I’m swamped — as I am now — promptly turning around listing agents’ “showing feedback forms” is not my highest priority. Taking care of clients is. That said, “customized” feedback forms which pose open-ended questions — and lots of them — certainly don’t help matters...
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NFL Draft Pick? Or “Hunger Games” Tribute?

Life Imitating Art — Exhibit A OK, so at 350 pounds, NFL prospect Dontari Poe is about 250 pounds too hefty to resemble a “Hunger Games” tribute — at least one from heroine Katniss Everdeen’s hardscrabble District 12 (he might qualify as a “Career” from District 2 or 3, though). And, assuming Poe is selected early in the draft, he’s...
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THAT Went Fast!

5652 Woodcrest Drive in Edina At least a few would-be Buyers of well-priced, $1 million-plus homes in mint condition in East Edina are scouring the housing market with a little more urgency today. Why? Because 5652 Woodcrest Drive in Edina’s Colonial Grove neighborhood — a home exactly described by the above profile  — just sold in multiple offers....
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