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Behold! Matt Taibbi’s “Archipelago Man”

Successor to Thomas Wolfe’s “Master of the Universe” Once upon a time, human beings were lowly Neanderthals. Gradually, Neanderthals evolved into Cro-Magnons, and from there into Homo Sapiens. What is mankind’s next (d)evolutionary step? According to muckraking journalist (and amateur anthropologist) Matt Taibbi, it is “Archipelago Man,” as personified by none other than Mitt Romney. Archipelago Man in...
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Matt Taibbi’s Pen: Mightier than the SEC’s Sword

Why Goldman Sachs Should Hire Matt Taibbi The most the Securities and Exchange Commission could exact from serial transgressor Goldman Sachs — for what appeared to be blatant fraud that netted the firm billions — was a measly $550 million fine last Summer. By contrast, in just one day of trading (yesterday), Matt Taibbi’s latest Rolling Stone...
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Matt Taibbi on "Wall Street’s Big Win"

The New Financial Crisis, Same as the Old One? Don’t have time to read thousands of pages of (purposefully) arcane legislation, to figure out whether the financial reform bill Congress passed this Summer really reforms how Wall Street does business? (I guarantee you that few if any members of Congress read the bill in its...
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Comparing the U.S. and Iceland

Quick Quiz: Who Said It? (Keep Reading) [Almost two years after the financial melt-down] precious little has changed about Wall Street’s massive gravitational pull in the U.S. and the world. Our banks are still too big to fail, their boards are still poorly composed, we have no Consumer Financial Protection Agency, no systemic regulator, no...
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Taibbi on Wall Street, Addicts & Con Men

Guess Who the Addict Is? No, Matt Taibbi hasn’t mellowed since his infamous Rolling Stone article last summer (“Inside the Great American Bubble Machine”). Here’s an excerpt from the sequel: Instead of liquidating and prosecuting the insolvent institutions that took us all down with them in a giant Ponzi scheme, we have showered them with...
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Defending Sodom & Gomorrah

Goldman Sachs: ‘Bad, But Not the Worst’ Based on the drivel I’ve read the last six weeks, I’m convinced that if Matt Taibbi had chosen to rail against, say, the mayor of Sodom & Gomorrah — instead of Wall Street and its undisputed kingpin, Goldman Sachs — the same pack of apologists would have jumped...
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