August 11, 2010

Matt Taibbi on "Wall Street’s Big Win"

The New Financial Crisis, Same as the Old One? Don’t have time to read thousands of pages of (purposefully) arcane legislation, to figure out whether the financial reform bill Congress passed this Summer really reforms how Wall Street does business? (I guarantee you that few if any members of Congress read the bill in its...
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The "No Feedback" Feedback

Deafening Silence God does answer your prayers. [But] a lot of times the answer is “NO.” –Anonymous Showing feedback from Buyers’ agents comes in all forms: “constructive,” “strategic,” “the potshot,” and that perennial favorite: no feedback at all. Which, of course, is feedback. The unmistakable message? “No further interest” (thanks very much!)
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Touting a Secondary Area on MLS

Defining “Location” One of the ways Twin Cities agents search for properties for their clients — at least until the end of this year — is by “MLS area.” So, “300” roughly corresponds to Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun; “391” to St. Louis Park; “309” to Southwest Minneapolis (Kingfield, Linden Hills, etc.); and...
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New List in Fern Hill

Fern Hill for (Just Over) $200k! Where: 2615 Monterey Ave. in Fern HillWhat: 2 BR/1 Bath stucco cottage just down the street from Cedar LakeHow (much): $209,900When: on market 2 days (came on Monday)Who: Ross Kaplan, agent; Edina Realty, broker You won’t find a more affordable single family home closer to Cedar Lake than this...
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