February 18, 2010

Are Newspapers Stealing a Page From Banks’ Playbook?

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting for the Newspaper Expose I first noticed it when my Wall Street Journal subscription continued — and continued — well past the renewal date (I didn’t). Then, a client whose home I’m listing reported that he couldn’t terminate his New York Times subscription, despite repeated efforts. Are newspapers stealing a...
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Are You "Salad Bar Savvy?"

The World’s Most Expensive Mac ‘n Cheese OK, I will confess to eating more than my share of lunches at the $8/lb. salad bar directly across the street from my office (if the company wants a plug, they can pay me for it, but it’s known to many as “Whole Paycheck”). If only to feel...
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"Nurse! I Need a Price Reduction, Stat!!"

How Big a Price Reduction? If an otherwise well-staged, well-marketed home isn’t selling after a reasonable interval on the market, a price reduction is invariably indicated. How big? It all depends on how overpriced the home appears to be. Toss Out the CMA Once a home is actually on the market, interest from prospective Buyers...
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"White Cement"

Is That Like ‘Sierra Cement?” White Cements His Status With 2nd Gold —Headline, NYT (2/18/10) Combine quickly skimming hundreds of online articles daily with sloppily written headlines and (very mild) dyslexia and — Voila! — you get the occasional malaprop or just strange juxtaposition. As for the above, ski buffs are fond of calling the...
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Quick! Name Everyone on the 1969 Vikings Roster

“Dear Technorati: Please Check Your Classifications” Well, yes, as a matter of fact I can rattle off practically every player from the 1969 Minnesota Vikings’ football roster, starting with Joe Kapp and Alan Page. Still, I’m pretty sure that’s not why — at least according to Technorati — this blog is ranked in the top...
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Taibbi on Wall Street, Addicts & Con Men

Guess Who the Addict Is? No, Matt Taibbi hasn’t mellowed since his infamous Rolling Stone article last summer (“Inside the Great American Bubble Machine”). Here’s an excerpt from the sequel: Instead of liquidating and prosecuting the insolvent institutions that took us all down with them in a giant Ponzi scheme, we have showered them with...
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