road construction

The Most Dangerous Half-Mile in Town? Not Anymore

Knollwood, Southwest ‘Burbs Get (a Little) Closer to Minneapolis Scarcely 4 1/2 months ago — late March, to be exact — Twin Cities motorists traveling 50 mph in opposite directions on Highway 7 in St. Louis Park came perilously close to one another (I’d estimate less than 4 feet). On roads that were not exactly ice-free (see photo, above)....
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Bad Vibrations: Damage Caused By Road Construction

Does the earth-moving equipment used in road construction create home-damaging vibration? That seems to be the concern in a certain neighborhood near Cedar Lake in Minneapolis (OK, mine). I don’t know how you (easily) prove it, but I know that lots of my (irate) neighbors are fed up with road repairs now spanning three summers,...
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Symbolic City Seeding (One Hopes)

Road Repairs:  Are They Really Done? “There are two seasons in Minnesota:  winter, and road construction.” –old joke How do a couple hundred beleaguered Minneapolis homeowners near Cedar Lake — OK, me and my neighbors — know that the invading army of street repair, sewer, and gas contractors who’ve laid siege to the area since last...
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“Scoring” Sunset Boulevard

Theory #2:  Uniformly Spaced, Softball-Sized Hail(?) I’ve heard of “scoring” (perforating) wallpaper, prior to steaming it off. But, I’ve never heard of scoring a city street, as part of maintenance/road repair. Yet that’s exactly what appears to be happening lately on Sunset Boulevard near Cedar Lake, once you venture around all those “Road Closed” signs...
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Minnesota’s Four Seasons

“White,” “Green,” “Fall Colors” — & “Brown” Non-residents may think Minnesota only has one season:  winter. Locals sometimes joke that there are actually two:  winter and road construction (the same people suggest that Minnesota’s state bird is the mosquito). However, in addition to marking the seasonal ebb and flow by the calendar and thermometer, I keep track...
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Edina Roads: Under Construction

Dumpsters and Road Construction As a Realtor who spends a fair amount of time in and around Edina, I’ve got to say that I’ve never seen as much in-process road construction/repair in that city as I’m seeing right now. Annoying, right? Absolutely, if you’re running late and the street you’re on is backed up. It’s also...
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