July 28, 2011

Marketing a Home on a Busy Street

“Forget about being on [street name], this lovely family home lives out back!” –excerpt, MLS listing How do you market a home on a busy street? Certainly, one tack is to ignore it. The other? Address it head-on, then defuse it by adding some softening context (example above). Of course, the part about the home “living...
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Edina Roads: Under Construction

Dumpsters and Road Construction As a Realtor who spends a fair amount of time in and around Edina, I’ve got to say that I’ve never seen as much in-process road construction/repair in that city as I’m seeing right now. Annoying, right? Absolutely, if you’re running late and the street you’re on is backed up. It’s also...
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Debt Ceiling Debate & The Housing Market

Two Scenarios, One Result With the deadline to raise the federal debt ceiling looming, one of two outcomes appears likely: One.  “The band-aid” solution  (also known as “kicking the can down the road”). Under this scenario, Congress and President Obama reach some cosmetic, convoluted compromise that essentially buys (more) time. Two.  The two parties’ philosophical differences...
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