November 2, 2011

Real Estate Title Trivia

Q:  Is a quitclaim deed executed by a divorcing spouse in favor of their ex-to-be valid before their divorce is final? A. Yes B. No C. Maybe Answer:  No Being a former corporate attorney didn’t give me a clue about answering that question (my first guess was “Yes,” followed by “Maybe”). Which is a good reason...
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Minnesota’s Four Seasons

“White,” “Green,” “Fall Colors” — & “Brown” Non-residents may think Minnesota only has one season:  winter. Locals sometimes joke that there are actually two:  winter and road construction (the same people suggest that Minnesota’s state bird is the mosquito). However, in addition to marking the seasonal ebb and flow by the calendar and thermometer, I keep track...
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Housing Bust “Winners”

Is That Like Charlie Sheen “Winning?” John Paulson, one of the winners of the subprime crisis, is having a bad year. Investors are showing unusual patience. –“Despite Losses, Investors Stick With Paulson“; The New York Times (11/2/2011) Did you know that the housing bust has also had big “winners?” People like hedge fund titan John Paulson,...
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Synonyms for “the check is in the mail”

Avoiding Cliches What do you tell a client who just sold their home, but pre-signed the closing documents and therefore wasn’t at closing to collect their proceeds check? Unfortunately, it just doesn’t sound right to tell someone that “their check is in the mail.” Instead, I told them that “Edina Title had mailed the check and...
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