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How to Choose a Real Estate Broker in 2019

Why a Realtor Team May Not Be the Best Choice for Buyers “If you’re looking for a heart surgeon, no one says, ‘Oh, Dr. Smith is so nice. Go to him. He just got into the business.’ But, you hear that a lot in real estate.” –“Finding the Right Broker Can Be the Key to...
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Co-Listing Realtors

1 + 1 = 3? Or, 1 + 1 =  Minus 2? Is co-listing “two Realtors for the price of one?” Or is it effectively no Realtors, for full price? It depends on the circumstances, of course. Ideally, however, the Seller benefits from Realtors whose skills and market knowledge are complementary, and who communicate seamlessly with...
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Why Realtors Don’t Give Volume Discounts

Cheaper by the Dozen?  Nope If you buy four tires, you usually get a better deal than if you buy one. Ditto for volume purchases of airline tickets, car washes, bagels — you name it. So, why don’t Realtors give “repeat customer” discounts? Because there are no economies of scale in residential real estate. No...
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A "Team" of One

“What You See is What You Get” I’ve written previously about real estate teams (“Teaming Up“), and the pro’s and con’s. So it was interesting to me, during my most recent listing presentation (they hired me), to hear my now-client express a strong preference notto work with a(nother) real estate team. Their reason(s)? On their...
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Two Realtors for the Price of One

Co-Listing Agreements Realtors share a listing (“co-list”) for a number of reasons: –The homeowner has ties to two Realtors, and doesn’t want to offend either; –The two Realtors work together as part of a “group” or “team”; –One Realtor has the tie to the client, while the other Realtor is strongly established in the particular...
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Would-Be Rainmakers and ‘Vertical’ Real Estate

Why the Real Estate Business is Becoming More Vertical — and Why You Won’t Notice One of the many, many side effects of the housing bear market is many fewer agents. Not only that, the agents who are left — “the survivors” — are disproportionately pro’s. They’ve been doing it awhile; know the ropes; have...
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