December 8, 2009

"Your Chance to Enhance"

Eye-Catching Marketing If you want to get the attention of Realtors who receive dozens of emails a day pitching new listings . . . it helps to have an eye-catching title. The ideal title is creative and original without being (too) gimmicky. Want a good example? The email I received this morning titled, “Your chance...
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"You Talkin’ to Me?"

Big Company Internet Surveillance I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but whenever I post something on this blog about a major company, invariably one of the first hits is from . . . someone at that company (or a law firm representing the company). As I’ve previously discussed — and disclosed — this blog...
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Would-Be Rainmakers and ‘Vertical’ Real Estate

Why the Real Estate Business is Becoming More Vertical — and Why You Won’t Notice One of the many, many side effects of the housing bear market is many fewer agents. Not only that, the agents who are left — “the survivors” — are disproportionately pro’s. They’ve been doing it awhile; know the ropes; have...
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Toll Bros. & the Twin Cities Housing Market

Cleaning Up After the Elephants; or, “Love ’em and Leave ’em” It was fun — sort of — while it lasted. But what a hangover! In 2004, when local land went for $120k an acre, national home builder Toll Brothers swept into the Twin Cities paying . . . $200k an acre. Why? Because it...
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