December 5, 2011

City Lakes Realtor of the Month!

The Edina Realty City Lakes Realtor of the Month (December) would be  . . . me! The prize:  boasting rights (including this post) — and a reserved parking spot closest to the City Lakes front entrance. Thanks, Matt!  (that would be Matt Loskota, City Lakes office manager, aka “the decider”). P.S.:  the downside?  Now, I really have to get...
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Co-Listing Realtors

1 + 1 = 3? Or, 1 + 1 =  Minus 2? Is co-listing “two Realtors for the price of one?” Or is it effectively no Realtors, for full price? It depends on the circumstances, of course. Ideally, however, the Seller benefits from Realtors whose skills and market knowledge are complementary, and who communicate seamlessly with...
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