February 19, 2011

Bunny’s in St. Louis Park

“Bunnies  . . . for Sale” How did St. Louis Park watering hole cum dive bar “Bunny’s” get its name? According to one St. Louis Park old-timer, the cast-off sign originally read “Bunnies” — as in, “Bunnies for Sale.” The original owners re-did the last few letters — and the rest is history!
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Why Realtors Don’t Give Volume Discounts

Cheaper by the Dozen?  Nope If you buy four tires, you usually get a better deal than if you buy one. Ditto for volume purchases of airline tickets, car washes, bagels — you name it. So, why don’t Realtors give “repeat customer” discounts? Because there are no economies of scale in residential real estate. No...
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“The Bird” vs. “The Fly”

“What Were They Thinking??” Department Fans of “Breaking Bad” (I am) will get a shock of recognition reading the following news item, from a couple weeks ago: An ill-conceived effort to get rid of a pesky bird at a cookie factory with a dose of bird shot backfired when a worker at a dough machine was hit...
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