September 11, 2010

To Buy Intel (or not) . . that is the question

Investors’ Conundrum, circa 2010 In a nutshell, here is the problem confronting the stock market: World-famous, blue chip stocks — companies like Intel, to pick one example — certainly look cheap. At $18 a share, Intel, the world’s leading manufacturer of microprocessors at the heart of every PC — is trading at a surprisingly conservative...
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Two Realtors for the Price of One

Co-Listing Agreements Realtors share a listing (“co-list”) for a number of reasons: –The homeowner has ties to two Realtors, and doesn’t want to offend either; –The two Realtors work together as part of a “group” or “team”; –One Realtor has the tie to the client, while the other Realtor is strongly established in the particular...
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