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Challenge for Veteran Realtors: Guarding Against “Listing Skills” Atrophy

Victims of Success? How do Realtors get good at listing presentations?  (job interviews for agents to represent a home seller). By doing lots of ’em. New agents have no choice:  with no clients, track record, or reputation to speak of, that’s how they land business. Trappings of Success – Literally Now fast forward 5 —...
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The Saturday Night Phone Call in Real Estate Sales: In or Out of Bounds?

“Mid-Transaction” vs. “Pre-Transaction” Phone Calls If your Buyer is competing in multiple offers, and the Seller was supposed to be back in touch by 7 p.m. Saturday night and it’s now 8:30 p.m, you betcha’ you’re eager to take a phone call to find out exactly what’s going on. On the other hand, when a stranger...
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Realtors, Standup Comedy, and Listing Presentations

Perfecting Your (Sales) Pitch Who would you expect to have a more polished listing presentation (essentially, a job interview for Realtors):  a new(er) agent or a veteran one? Surprisingly, it’s often the newer agent. One of the things that happens as Realtors become more established is that they get more business from referrals and acquaintances...
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“I’ll Have What She’s Having!!”

One Successful Real Estate Transaction Begets Another OK, so what I do is not nearly as memorable as what Meg Ryan does (or imitates doing) in her rather dramatic delicatessen scene opposite Billy Crystal in “When Harry Met Sally” (the title of this post is what Ryan’s neighbor tells the waiter she wants after Ryan concludes). ...
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