May 21, 2017

Good News & Bad News About Parking at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market

Analog vs. Digital Parking Meters The bad news about parking at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market? (open since late April, if you weren’t aware):  you’ll have to pay for it. The good news:  you won’t have to pay very much, at least on a Sunday in late May. I was about to dump additional quarters in...
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Challenge for Veteran Realtors: Guarding Against “Listing Skills” Atrophy

Victims of Success? How do Realtors get good at listing presentations?  (job interviews for agents to represent a home seller). By doing lots of ’em. New agents have no choice:  with no clients, track record, or reputation to speak of, that’s how they land business. Trappings of Success – Literally Now fast forward 5 —...
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