July 25, 2013

Proposal: the “Fractional” Kitchen

One-Half and 3/4 Baths, So Why Not 1/2 and 3/4 Kitchens? Home Buyers (and their agents) recognize that there are gradations in Bathrooms. So, on MLS, Bathrooms range from 1/4 (just a toilet) to “Full” (toilet, sink, shower, tub). Searching for a home with a bona fide second unit (futilely, so far), it seems like...
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Realtors, Standup Comedy, and Listing Presentations

Perfecting Your (Sales) Pitch Who would you expect to have a more polished listing presentation (essentially, a job interview for Realtors):  a new(er) agent or a veteran one? Surprisingly, it’s often the newer agent. One of the things that happens as Realtors become more established is that they get more business from referrals and acquaintances...
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